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Pilō | Ambience Perfumes
SENSIO - Sensual Aura

Pilō | Silk Hair Ties

100% pure mulberry silk


Pilō | Silk Pillow Case

100% pure mulberry silk

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Pilō | Ambience Perfumes

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Pilō | Ambience Perfumes are designed to instantly transcend you into a desired state of mind. Created from scientifically proven ingredients of natural origin, delivering aromatherapeutic effects.


Pilō | Ambience Perfumes form an aura which resonates with your body and tunes your senses to the frequency of either sensuality, relaxation or sleep.

Pilō | Silk Hair Ties

- pure mulberry silk -

Pilō | Silk Hair Ties are designed to nourish your hair through natural properties of high grade mulberry silk, while providing a firm hold to your hair style under any circumstances.


Designed to blend into your hair colour for seamless look or stand out with a contrasting styling.

Pilō | Silk Pillow Case

- pure mulberry silk -

Pilō | Silk Pillow Case is the most effective natural anti-age solution for treating yourself while sleeping. Use your pillow case every night to wake up with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.


Pilō is also ultra gentle to your hair and will keep your locks in the best condition looking shiny all day long. Suitable for all skin types hypoallergenic children safe.

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