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TRANQUILIO | Perfume Refill
  • TRANQUILIO | Perfume Refill

    69,00 €Price

    Minimize the environmental waste by refills to replenish your product. With Pilō | Ambience Perfumes Refill you will indulge yourself with new juice, while cherishing the nature.


    An easy, spill-proof process allows you to change the refill in seconds.


    Artisanally created in Grasse, France utilizing consciously sourced ingredients and sustainable production methodology.


    100ml | 3.4 fl. oz.

    • Tête | Lead
      Elevates mood and alleviates stress. Known for boosting serotonin and dopamine levels, stimulating a feel-good mindset.


      Cœur | Heart
      Sweet Lavender unwinds tension, while herbal Lavandin strengthens the nervous system and mental health, guiding into full-body relaxation.


      Fond | Base
      A powerful blend melting away preassure and supporting the balance of mind. Enhancing well-being and blissfulness.


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