mindfully designed to define natural beauty, well-being and exceptional craftsmanship

packaging from 100% recycled paper

 Pilō | Silk Hair Ties 

- large red hair -

Pilō | Silk Hair Ties are designed to nourish your hair through natural properties of high grade mulberry silk, while providing a firm hold to your hair style under any circumstances.

avoiding hair breakage and creases

blending into your hair colour

most luxurious hair accessories

100% mulberry silk

made in germany

1x Pilō | Silk Hair Tie

large red hair

19 €


What is inside

1x large Pilō | Silk Hair Tie

100% pure mulberry silk

Hair colour.

Colour of the product inside

red hair


Where does it come from

This product is made from 100% Italian silk, sustainably handcrafted and packed in Germany

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