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mindfully designed to define natural beauty, well-being and exceptional craftsmanship

Pilō | Silk Loungerie Set

- pure mulberry silk -

A splendid silk pyjama, stylish home wear or a luxe off-duty look for running errands in the city?
You decide.

Our Pilō I Silk Loungerie Set is designed to fit all occasions and makes a perfect universal piece. To comfortably lounge anywhere - whether in bed, at home or outside.

Pilō Loungerie - a silk wear to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime you like.

Pilō | Silk Loungerie Set

The set consists of silk shirt & silk shorts

430,00 €

Size guide.

Size indication.

Available is two sizes:
Size 1 - Fits XS-M
Size 2 - Fits L-XL

Shirt has comfortable fit.

Shorts have stretchable waist.


What's inside.

Silk Shirt - an oversized cropped shirt, with a large double-silk layer hood. Button closure. Pilō tag in the back embroidered with 24-carat gold coated thread.

Silk Shorts - longer shorts, fitted with a stretchable waist and silk front pockets on both sides. Pilō tag in the front embroidered with 24-carat gold coated thread.


What is it made of.

100% Italian silk.


Where does it come from.

Made in Ukraine.

Size guide
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