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Whenever you are looking for a shopping assistance, product advise, tip or you are interested in anything about Pilō universe, send us a WhatsApp message and our eco luxe self-care advisors will navigate you through.

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  • What is Eco Luxe Self-Care?
    Pilō introduces ECO LUXE SELF-CARE as a space for the ultimate relaxation, quality sleeping habits and beauty rituals. Pilō introduces a palette of refined self-care products, with a mission to spread the message of the importance of high quality care, creating the much needed lasting comfort in our lives and the feeling good mindset.
  • Where can I buy Pilō?
    You can buy all Pilō products on our website or via selected retailers. See the list here: stockists
  • Which countries do you ship to?
    PIlō is shipping worldwide and always provides a tracking link to your orders. International and fast delivery service is one of our main priorities. Discover more about the shipping options here: shipping & returns
  • How does Pilō support our environment?
    With disregard to modern trends, Pilō has been designed as a brand with sustainability in its prior focus and has been introducing these values since day one into each product designed. To support this mission, we are committed to using local suppliers, sustainable and/or preferrably natural materials, recyclable packaging, no cellophane wrappings and refill systems instead of new packaging.
  • Is Pilō packaging made from sustainable materials?
    100% yes, our goal is to avoid unrecyclable materials and design packaging which is made from entirely recyclable/biodegradable materials such as fresh and/or recycled paper from controlled source. Our company value is to follow quality standards when choosing suppliers of packaging, namely FSC® and/or ISO 9001 certifications.
  • Where are Pilō products created?
    Each Pilō product is created in the location of the material source. Meaning, that instead of bringing the materials to one place - Pilō | Eco Luxe Self-Care makes and effort to travel to artisanal manufacturers and/or source of the material to produce the final products en place.
  • Are you using natural ingredients?
    Our philosophy from nature to nature applies here and we are passionate about producing from the most clean and natural materials available. For textile products we are using only 100% natural mulberry silk. For candles we are using only 100% natural waxes and for ambience perfumes we are using perfume essences based on natural origin. For individual ingredients breakdown, see the complete description on each product.
  • Are Pilō products tested on animals?
    We do not test any of our products on animals. On top of that, it seems like animals love our products, we are receiving many photos of cats and dogs enjoying Pilō, especially the silk pillowcase.
  • Do you offer any promotions?
    Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Instagram @pilo_ecoluxe to be always informed about special promotions. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive a 10% OFF your first order. Click here to subscribe. We also provide a COMPLIMENTARY EXPRESS SHIPPING within EU for orders over 100 Euros.
  • Are there any internship possibilities?
    Yes, there are! At the moment we are looking for a Pilō Space contributor. If you feel like you could be the right fit, send us an email to, we can´t wait to chat.
  • How can I access Pilō music?
    Pilō music streams are exclusively accessible when you purchase Pilō | Ambience Perfumes and PIlō | Ambience Candles. Nevertheless, you can listen how our products smell described by unique sound recording for each scent by clicking here.
  • What are the aromatherapeutic effects of Pilō | Ambience Perfumes and Pilō | Ambience Candles?
    Pilō | Ambience Perfumes and Pilō | Ambience Candles were designed to guide your senses into desired destination. Both ambience perfumes and ambience candles completely set up the atmosphere through scientifically proven aromatherapeutic ingredients resonating with your inner energy.
  • Is it possible to order samples of Pilō | Ambience Perfumes?
    Yes, you can order your Pilō | Ambience Perfume samples here: link Pilō | Ambience Perfume samples come in a set of 3 scents in a premium sized 5 ml bottles. You will be able to test all ambience perfumes to make the right full-sized decision. Together with your purchase, you will receive a 15€ voucher which you can redeem within 30 days when purchasing a full sized Pilō | Ambience Perfume.
  • How should Pilō | Ambience Perfume be used?
    Pilō | Ambience Perfumes are designed to create a unique atmosphere, thanks to its natural aromatherapeutic effects. You can spray the perfume in your living space, preferrably bedroom or bathroom. Spray the perfume into the space or directly on your bed and enjoy the immediate effects. It is safe to use the perfumes on the clothes as well. We recommend to spray PIlō | Ambience Perfumes 3-4 times or more, in order to reach desired intensity.
  • Why is it important to sleep on a silk pillowcase?
    Sleeping on Pilō silk delivers quite a list of health and beauty benefits. The finest and most luxurious silk available, pure mulberry silk is unbelievably soft and incredibly smooth. Let us share the reason why sleeping on silk can not be overlooked. Pilō silk contains natural proteins and 18 amino acids, which are very beneficial to your skin quality and elasticity. Unlike cotton, Pilō silk does not absorb moisture and boosts the effectivity of skincare products. Cotton pillowcases absorb up to 50% of your skincare products. Pilō silk also prevents the "pillow-face look", which results into unnecessary wrinkles over time. Last, but not least, it is an ultimate indulgence to sleep on the silk. An experience, you will want to repeat every single night.
  • How should I care about my silk products?
    Turn your Pilō | Silk Pillow Case inside out and put it in the laundry bag to protect your silk during the wash cycle. Place the pillowcase in the washing machine on a cold or warm delicate cycle with a maximum water temperature of 30C. Do not thumble dry, let the pillowcase air dry, not in the direct sunlight. If you wish to take an extra care about your Pilō | Silk Pillow Case, hand wash it, even though you can absolutely choose the washing mashine option thanks to the high quality of Pilō silk.
  • What are the benefits of Pilō | Silk Hair Ties?
    Pilō | Silk Hair Ties are designed to nourish your hair through natural properties of high grade mulberry silk, while providing a firm hold to your hair style. Unlike common plastic hair ties, silk gently handles your hair without pulling it, therefore avoiding breakage. Pilō | Silk Hair Ties are a perfect way to enjoy wearing ponytails, messy buns, and any other hairstyle that requires your hair to be tied as they won’t cause ridges in the hair or damage it. Available in two sizes, in the shades of Brunette, Blonde, Red Hair and Limited editions here.
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