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Philosophy background


 - arriving at the destination of idyllic space -

you are about to understand, that truly valuable creations are the ones given by the nature


Our philosophy is rooted deep in the concept of reversing the understanding of value in our modern lives. Through displaying the fact, that value and nature are undetachable elements existing in full harmony - we design products with high-end quality, respect towards artisanal craftsmanship and minimal footprint on our environment.

Simultaneously our creations are designed to create a liaison between nature and luxury not compromising on neither quality, appearance or comfort. Ultimately, we approach the idyllic idea of living in serenity and comfort in harmony with our space.

Our philosophy is to encourage you to make eco luxe self-care a ritual of revival in profound synergy with nature.


Every product is carefully developed with a target to deliver the best form of self-care, every material and ingredient originate from the finest source.

We translate our philosophy from nature to nature into each step of the production process, from the creative design to the details of materials and ingredients as well as the environmental footprint to achieve sustainable and meaningful creations.


Uniting two worlds into harmonious symbiosis. The world of refined luxury and the world of sustainable consciousness blend together.

We believe, that all natural is luxury, which should be valued, respected and sustained. For this purpose, our creations are designed to last and enrich your living space.


Not compromising on sophisticated refinement.

Not compromising on nature´s protection.


Portraying self-care as a beauty ritual, relaxing routine and a sleeping habit.

The art of enjoying ourselves, slowing down and soaking a bit of pure indulgence, completely recharges all of us - both physically and mentally. Pilō is proud to create fine objects for the comprehensive well-being. Creating the atmosphere in the habitat to become a sacred temple for self-care. Focusing on high quality self-time, as the base for being ready to enjoy life in every pattern.

Pilo Perfume
Pilo pillow
Somnio Honey
the founder

With a mission to merge sustainability and quality in self-care products, the founder of Pilō sparked a movement, which shifts the interpretation of value in the modern society through highlighting what is truly valuable - our environment, respect towards artisanal craftsmanship and exceptional objects.

Nena Kofnovcova founded Pilō | Eco Luxe Self-Care with a mission to raise awareness for high quality self-care, promoting the much-needed lasting comfort in our lives and the feeling good mindset.


Nena finds joy in designing products which harmonize feelings and objects into an ultimate symbiosis. She believes that profound self-care empowers people and uplifts their energy, positivity and ambition.

Pilo Pillowcase
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