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mindfully designed to define natural beauty, well-being and exceptional craftsmanship

packaging from 100% recycled paper

Pilō | Silk Sleeping Mask

- Essential self-care accessory -

Pilō | Silk Sleeping Mask is designed to complement beauty sleep routine with natural properties of 100% pure mulberry silk. Boosting the quality of sleep through prevention of light, comfortable fitting and gentle surface of high quality materials, this mask is the ultimate eco luxe accessory you can enjoy at home or during long distance travel. Recommended by professionals, this mask is ultra gentle to your skin, preventing wrinkles and skin creasing during sleep.

100% mulberry silk

made in germany

Pilō | Silk Sleeping Mask

ivory white

35 €


What is inside.

1x Pilō | Silk Sleeping Mask

100% pure mulberry silk


Colour of the product inside.

Ivory White


Where does it come from.

This product is made from 100% Italian silk, sustainably handcrafted and packed in Germany

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