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Cultural complex in the jungle

Azulik Uh May, an unexampled complex in the heart of Mayan jungle, where the art and modern vision grow around nature in absolute harmony.

Like a network of veins in a living organism, naturally shaped creations of buildings existing in the ultimate symbiosis with raw nature.

A space deeply connected to Earth founded by architect and environmentalist Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel, known as Roth, consists of art school, eco research lab, medical facilities and a hidden jungle restaurant, where you can enjoy a fine dining experience embraced by nature and heritage.

Azulik Uh May - a place, where art, tribal wisdom, modern science and well-being crossover with ancient Mayan traditions and rituals.

An art gallery, IK Lab, with organic shapes mixing waxed concrete and vegetation. Artists who share this lasting vision are exhibited there and promote in their art a reflection similar to that of the founder, like Guillaume Leblon, Katinka Bock and Gabriel Rico. One of the gallery's vocations is also to combine ancestral art, western techniques and new technologies, an avant-garde state of mind which encourages respect for the world around us.

Find out more about Azulik Uh May on their web:

The installation views of Configurations, on view at IK Lab Art Gallery

The installation Every Tree is a Civilising Entity by Ernesto Neto.

Photo courtesy of Azulik.


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