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Sharing one of our favorite eco luxe spaces, Azulik Tulum - this spiritual place is all about nesting in natural shapes, nourishment of body and soul, fully cultivated by all esthetic desires.

A unique place portraying the uberchic hotel, where slow life meets wild nature and one of a kind hospitality. Offering a unique experience dining, raw, yet refined room design and wellness treatments, which you not be willing to miss.

With its own boutique dedicated to well curated selection of tribal fashion, accessories and objects for the habitat, you will want to take a piece of the tribal atmosphere to your home.

This hotel, entirely handcrafted by the Mayan tribes and built from local materials, including very flexible lianas and trees creating impressive architectures, beyond just respecting the environment, blends in with it. A real experience of reconnection with nature and the local communities. At the end of the stay, however, one emerges filled with a new tranquility.

Azulik hides three unique spots to dine in the jungle. The first, Cenote, offers creative, locally-inspired cuisine using only ingredients from the local vegetable garden, an astonishing culinary immersion in the Mayan tradition.

The second venue located in the treetops and boasting breathtaking views, Kin Toh Restaurant caters more to tourists and offers Western-Mexican fusion cuisine.

Finally, the third restaurant, Tseen Ja combines Mexican and Japanese flavors by crossing Mayan and Japanese culinary techniques. An ultimate luxury restaurant with just a few seatings for the intimate experience.

Imagined by Eduardo Neira, philanthropist and self-taught architect, the Azulik resort thus seeks to preserve Mayan rituals and traditions, but also to raise awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of the region.

Find out more about Azulik Tulum on their web:

Photo courtesy of Azulik.


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