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mindfully designed to define natural beauty, well-being and exceptional craftmanship.

Pilō | Hemp Pillow
  • Pilō | Hemp Pillow

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    Every night natural sleep ritual 

    Pilō | Hemp Pillow is a natural, handmade pillow manufactured using high quality hemp fibers of European origin. The natural properties of organic hemp represent anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly solution for your every night ritual. Hemp fibers belong to the strongest natural fibers in the world, turning your pillow into an ultra durable product with long life cycle. Organically grown hemp fibers represent the effortless sustainable material of the future.



    Pilō | Hemp Pillow is designed to match perfectly with our Pilō | Silk Pillowcase, making it the ideal pair for your ultimate beautysleep.


    Pilō | Hemp Pillow comes in a extra-large Pilō | Tote Bag, made from 100% linen fabric in natural beige tone. Pilō | Tote Bag makes a useful travel accessory and a shopping bag for an everyday purpose.



    We strictly follow our committment to reduce the impact on ecology by carefully sourcing all elements connected to our product. Our Pilō | Hemp Pillow is hand-crafted using organic industrial hemp (cannabis sativa, L.), with organic certificate. In the production process zero plastics, zero artificial colours have been used. The packaging for the Pilō | Hemp Pillow is handmade from organic linen.


    Care instructions for cover:

    Maschine washable on gentle wash

    Hand wash

    Iron on medium level


    Care instructions for tote bag:

    Maschine washable on gentle wash

    Hand wash

    • 1x Pilō | Hemp Pillow
      1x Pilō | Tote Bag

      Size: 50 x 75 cm
      Color: Natural beige