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mindfully designed to define natural beauty, well-being and exceptional craftmanship.

Pilō | Silk Pillowcase - Black
  • Pilō | Silk Pillowcase - Black

    75,00 €Price

    Every Night Anti-Age Ritual


    Why Pilō.


    Pilō is the most effective natural anti-age solution for treating yourself while sleeping. Use your pillow case every night to wake up with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin. Pilō is also ultra gentle to your hair and will keep your locks in the best condition looking shiny all day long.


    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin


    Childern safe



    We strictly follow our committment to reduce the impact on ecology by carefully sourcing all elements connected to our product. Our silk is hand-picked from licensed italian manufacturers, certified for sustainability complience in using zero plastics, zero artificial colours and zero waste. Our packaging is crafted from recyclable and fully biodegradable paper following the ISO 14040FF certification.



    Maschine washable on gentle wash

    Hand wash

    • 1x Pilō | Silk Pillow Case.

      Size: 50 x 75 cm

      Color: Black

      Closing: Envelope Style


    Shopping for someone?

    Explore our variety of Pilō | Digital Gift Cards and make the day for your loved ones.

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