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Pilō | Silk Loungerie Set - Size 1
  • Pilō | Silk Loungerie Set - Size 1

    430,00 €Price

    Pilō | Silk Loungerie Set

    A splendid silk pyjama, stylish home wear or a luxe off-duty look for running errands in the city? You decide!

    Our Pilō I Silk Loungerie Set is designed to fit all occasions and makes a perfect universal piece. To comfortably lounge anywhere - whenever in your bed, around the home or being outside.

    Pilō Loungerie - the silk wear to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime you like.

    Designed by Pilō I Eco Luxe Self-Care and Atelier Lukas Lindner.
    Made in Ukraine.

    Material : 100% Italian Silk

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