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SOMNIO Candle | Sleeping Aura
  • SOMNIO Candle | Sleeping Aura

    45,00 €Price

    A guide to deep sleep and intensive regeneration.


    Guiding your body and soul into a restoration mode, slowly transcending into deep sleep. Enhancing positive dreams and ultimate revitalisation.


    Artisanally created in Valencia, Spain utilizing consciously sourced ingredients and sustainable production methodology.


    Weight 230g | Soy wax Burning time ≈ 50h

    • Tête | Lead
      Eases the tension with mind healing and calming properties. Quintessential in the natural pharmacopoeia of sleep.


      Cœur | Heart
      Directly transcends into comfortable mood. Slowing down body rhythm and relaxing muscles.


      Fond | Base
      Creates a safe aura around your space. Takes you into sleepy state - almost immediately.

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